A Few Recent USPTO Developments

January 20, 2011

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A New Way to Comment on the MPEP
The USPTO has begun offering an alternate method for commenting on selected chapters of the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP). This new approach is modeled after social media. To participate in an online discussion and contribute ideas, look for the “Discuss the Section” links in the online html version of the MPEP, or visit http://uspto-mpep.ideascale.com.  Presently, this alternative process is limited to Chapters 500 and 600.

Update Your Bookmarks
EFS-Web and Private PAIR will have the following new URLs beginning on Monday, January 31, 2011.

1.    EFS-Web for Registered eFilers:  https://efs.uspto.gov/efile/myportal/efs-registered

2.    EFS-Web for Unregistered eFilers:  https://efs.uspto.gov/efile/portal/efs-unregistered

3.    EFS-Web Portal homepage:  https://efs.uspto.gov/efile/portal/home

4.    Private PAIR:  https://ppair.uspto.gov/epatent/myportal/privatepair

5.    Private PAIR Portal homepage:  https://ppair.uspto.gov/epatent/portal/home

The new URLs will not be active until January 31.  The URL for the USPTO’s homepage is NOT changing.  And, those users who access EFS-Web and Private PAIR using links on the USPTO’s homepage may continue to do so, because URLs on the homepage and EFS-Web and Private PAIR landing pages will be automatically updated.

On The Trademark Side …
The USPTO has finally assembled a list of all TEAS forms from each of the different form categories.  This list is on the front page of TEAS, after the hyperlinked word FORMS.

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