Change in USPTO Procedure – Examiner Interviews Without A Power Of Attorney Now Permitted In Some Circumstances

August 13, 2010

in The MPEP,Useful Information

The USPTO recently issued a notice modifying the procedure for registered practitioners to show authorization to conduct an examiner interview.  Now, in addition to the submission of an executed power of attorney, the signing and submission of an Applicant Initiated Interview Request Form (Form PTO-413 A) will be treated as a proper indication of authorization to act in a representative capacity.  The USPTO’s notice follows this link.

Interviews are addressed in Section 713 of the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure and that section of the MPEP will be updated to reflect this change in Office procedure.

Additional Resources/Related Links
1.  Section 713.01 of the MPEP – “General Policy [for Interviews], How Conducted”
2.  Section 405 of the MPEP – “Patent Practitioner Not of Record”
3. The USPTO’s Applicant Initiated Interview Request Form (a fillable pdf)

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