The USPTO’S Newest Pilot Program – The Patents Ombudsman

April 7, 2010

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Have you ever had a question about an application in prosecution but have been unable to find the correct person to assist you?  Have you ever been unsuccessful in obtaining assistance from an examiner or Supervisory Patent Examiner?  If so, you will want to take note of the USPTO’s new Ombudsman Pilot Program.

The Ombudsman Pilot Program is designed to assist in getting the process back on track when there is a breakdown in the normal prosecution process.  This program is not intended to circumvent normal communication between applicants and/or their representatives and examiners or SPEs, however.  Rather, it is intended to serve as an additional resource to practitioners and applicants.

The Ombudsman Pilot Program began yesterday and will continue for at least 12 months.

>> Click here to visit the homepage for the Ombudsman Pilot Program Ombudsman, which includes an electronic contact form.

>> Click here to view some FAQs on the Ombudsman Pilot Program.

>> Click here to download the Federal Register notice for the Ombudsman Pilot Program.

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