Interesting Editorial On The Subject Of Patent Reform In This Presidential Election

August 5, 2008

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Yesterday the patent blog Patently-O had an interesting guest editorial on the subject of the presidential candidates’ respective positions (or absence thereof) on U.S. patent reform.  The gist of this editorial is that Sen. Obama has and will continue to take patent issues “seriously” while Sen. McCain has avoided this important subject for political expediency.

I believe that the subject of patent reform is always worthy of earnest debate.  So, while I reserve for my readers discussions of the accuracy of this provocative editorial as well as the merits of the positions Sen. Obama allegedly advocates, I recommend reading the editorial if for no other reason than to see others’ views on this important subject and how patent reform is being sold to voters in this election.

I feel responsible to point out to my readers that the editorial was authored by an active member of and donor to the campaign of Sen. Obama by the name of Arti Rai.

The guest editorial can be found here.

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Christopher Paul Mitchell August 6, 2008 at 4:45 pm

Even as an Obamacan, I am surprised that no mention was made regarding Arti Rai’s active support of Sen. Obama in a guest editorial that could be mistaken by some to be neutral. JMHO.

dinnerbell August 28, 2008 at 7:31 pm

please see for a different/opposing view on patent reform

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