The Best Of 2007 Roundup

January 2, 2008

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I hope that you had a happy, fun, and safe New Year. Thank you for a great 2007!  Until we visit again, here is a roundup of some of the best of 2007.

1. Prosecution After KSR

“The teaching-suggestion-motivation test is useful but ultimately too rigid. What might you consider arguing now?”

2. Don’t Get Caught by McKesson

“McKesson emphasizes the importance of compliance with the duty of candor when contemporaneously prosecuting unrelated applications directed to similar subject matter. So what is a practitioner to do?”

3. Ways To Avoid Implications of Agreement

“So you don’t want to make every possible traversal or patentability argument but you don’t want the prosecution record to arguably imply that the Applicant agreed with the Examiner. This post and this post are for you.”

4. Tips For After Final Practice

“From the rules regarding after final practice to examples of how to justify the entry of after final papers, a guide to after final practice is always useful.”

5. Advising Your Clients About The Duty Of Candor

“Applicants and their practitioners benefit when Applicants are reminded of the duty of candor. Here is one system to do it.”

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